It’s official!!

YAY!!  It is official.  All of our paperwork has been blessed and we are moving.  I am here to say that packing officially sucks!  And downsizing is even worse.  I have the last of the packing to do and we start the actual move on Wednesday afternoon.  We are doing the moving ourselves, so that should be fun.  I still need to recruit some help for the lifting and I am told that the people on the mountain are always very helpful.

So why are we moving??  And where are we moving??  Let’s start with some of the “why’s”……. Here is the house we are leaving..

Yes, it is beautiful and it only took us 2 showings to have it sold.  But, it is way too big for the 2 of us….over 3200 square feet. That much space is a lot of cleaning and upkeep.  We are not getting any younger, after all.  It took 2 weeks just to load the POD with extra stuff so the house could be staged.  Currently, we are at the bottom of the mountain, just up from the Shenandoah River.

So, where are moving?  Up the mountain….into Shannondale, to be specific.  The first time I was across the mountain, I thought it was beautiful, but crazy.  After a few years of having to navigate it from time to time, I was hooked.  I have always wanted to live on the side of the mountain.  So, after much searching, we found a house near the top with beautiful views…..surely we can see to Maryland and maybe Pennsylvania.  At least it seems so.

This pic was taken in the front yard so you can see how steep it is.  With lots of rocks and trees,  it is so beautiful.  It definitely has some projects….the basement needs completely finished to include my sewing room, a “man” cave, an extra bedroom and a laundry room.  Personally, I would have liked it all on one floor, but DH wanted a basement.  And I got a lot of what I wanted, too.  It’s all about compromise sometimes.  The upstairs needs a bathroom redo and some renovations in the kitchen. We also are going to put a driveway on the uphill side of the house so there will be a level access to get into the house.  Currently, to enter the house,  you have a full flight of stairs up the side, or walk up the steep yard to the front steps in the picture.  I have no idea how long all of that will take, and we are SO counting on my brother to help us get it all done.  First things first, we have to take care of our animals, so we are fencing in the whole frontage so the Gizmo will have a place to run.  The house is on a corner lot and we don’t want our animals to wander freely into the neighbors.  Our neighbors are a lot closer than we have had in years, being as we are on a lot less land.

It has been a lot of work thus far and it is only beginning!!  This time next week, we will all be hard at work unpacking, cleaning, organizing, etc. in no specific order.  Lots to do and I am excited!

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