Today I will….

Do you ever set goals for yourself?  Maybe you set big ones, but how about some small daily ones?

I like to plan my tomorrow at night before I go to sleep.  But in the morning, after my prayers and thanksgiving, I like to set my daily goals.  I speak them right out to the universe, something like “Today I will write on my blog.  Today I will cook tuna for dinner.”  The goals don’t have to be big, but by planning and speaking them, you are affirming them, and willing them to happen.  And it feels so good!

Once you start with small goals, you will find it easier to have larger goals.  Any positive affirmation helps you through the things that seem tough.  Remember these guidelines and be realistic.

Set your goals, and make it happen!!  And do it every day.  Make it a habit!!  Today I will set bigger goals for myself!!

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