Let sleeping dogs lie…..

Do we really know what it means to let sleeping dogs lie???  I always thought it meant to leave things alone so you don’t stir up things you really don’t want to surface.

But now, I believe I know the true meaning…  This was my chair this morning….

The sweet, innocent, little puppy was sound asleep beside me in my chair.  She is almost too long now to lay beside me in the chair.  And she is definitely too long to lay on her pillows.  But back to the point.  She was sleeping.  And so peacefully.  What exactly does this mean?  First, it means peace for the other dogs, who were asleep until I decided to snap their pics…..


When Gizmo is awake, she is wide open.  She crawls on the Lottie and Kilo.  She grabs Lottie’s collar and hangs on.  She chews on their ears.  She gets under Kilo and bites at his feet…..and they tolerate it.  They play with her and Lottie barks continually.  Outside, Gizmo runs circles, literally, around them.  Then to stop, she slams into them full force.  She is goofy.  And a brat…anything the other dogs have, she takes away from them and hides…

But, when she is sleeping, and the others are sleeping, I get to work on my beads, knitting, sewing, etc.  THAT’S what it really means to let sleeping dogs lie…..

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