Play a little every day!!!!


This is one of my favorite lines from one of the Star Trek movies, as a child was explaining to Data how to be more of a young human.  I play with dolls, among other things.  This one is my newest.

When she came to me last year, she didn’t look like this at all!!  So, after a trip to the PGR spa and the wonderful talents of Pat Reno, she is now so beautiful.  What did she look like before?What a huge improvement!  Pat does amazing work!  This girl is the only overall repaint I have,  I also have a face up by Pat!  More on that doll later…

Here are a few of my other dolls.  The fashions are all made by me.  And they are available on my Market Place website.  I have fashions and wigs, too!!



I have lots more dolls, too, but the “play” for me is the sewing and knitting for the girls.  I try to play a little everyday because this is relaxing for me and I enjoy it!


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