Cool fall days…

How do you spend your cool fall days?  Well, Gizmo likes warm puppy blankies fresh from the dryer….

I spent my morning cooking when I wasn’t doing laundry.  I am ready to change things up and make some of the wonderful comfort foods that are so good when the weather gets cooler.

First, I filled the crock pot with a ham bone, some chopped onion, and lots of green beans….yum!

Can’t wait till those are done.  Add some potatoes and we are good to go.  But what to have with them?  Growing up, bread and butter was always on the table.  And it was so yummy.  I still love it today.  But I am trying to be healthier, so I made some twisted flax bread sticks.  Full of garlic and flax, it is hopefully somewhat better for you.  They also make a great snack!

We also needed something sweet.  By we, I mean my brother and DH.  One of Wes’ favorites is scones.  I never had any I really liked because they were hard and dry.  But when we signed up for Gourmet Cupboard ( ), I decided to try my hand at making them from a mix.  OH MY!!!  How yummy!!!  They are light and moist and so tasty.  I used the mix as directed and added one apple, cut up and lightly coated with cinnamon.

Can’t wait to cut into these bad boys later this evening!

So that was half a day for me along with a trip to the post office.  Now it is time to move on and get back to my knitting.  More on that later.

Enjoy your day!!



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