It is finally puppy nap time!!!

All the dogs are asleep…even the Giz!!

She is sleeping with Kilo, so now it is time for me to get to work on some of my projects like knitting or beading.  Can you imagine having this in your lap and having a playful pup jump up to say “Hi!  Play with me right now!”?  Yes, that is little tiny beads and a needle and thread.

So what did I make with this pile of beads?  I made a beautiful necklace.  I have also managed to make a pink necklace and yesterday, after many attempts, a purple necklace was finished.

I love beading.  It is relaxing to me.  And I like when people buy my stuff because it speaks to them.  But right now, we are raising money to help my grandson move from the Baltimore County school system to Jefferson County, WV.  So a portion of the proceeds from any of my jewelry will go to that fund.  We also have bracelets (which are my favorite to make) and earrings.

So, here’s to the puppy naps that make this beading possible!!!  Have a blessed day!!

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