There’s no place like home..

I am fortunate to have lots of happy childhood memories.  Sights, sounds, smells, etc.  And even though I don’t get home real often, I made it back to my home state of Ohio this past weekend.  We went home for the wedding of my DH’s niece in Canton.

I grew up in the south eastern part of the state and one of our favorite treats was Conn’s Potato Chips…

There is nothing like tearing open a fresh bag of memories…..the smell, the taste, the crunch….well, you get the idea.  We couldn’t find the chips in Canton after visiting 3 different stores.  So, on the way home, we stopped near Cambridge and bought our 8 pounds of chips.  They are made in Zanesville so we had to get close enough to there to find them.

Why 8 pounds, you ask?  Well, my brother lives here in WV and he likes the regular the best.  My daughter lives close by and she likes the Barbeque.  My sister lives in NC and comes up for Thanksgiving, and like me, she loves them all, but I prefer the wavy.   So I had to get a variety, right?  Something for everyone.

I didn’t get to visit with my friends and family in Lancaster, but I did have a wonderful visit with my extended friends and family in the Canton area.  And the wedding was beautiful!

Can’t wait until my next visit….more Conn’s!!! Yep, there’s no place like home.



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