Gizmo, Gizmo, Gizmo!!!!

Meet Gizmo!!

We got Gizmo from the Humane Society in May.  We were all feeling down from life and we needed some happy.  And happiness is a warm, wiggly puppy.  She is a mix of Chihuahua and Bassett hound and was named, most appropriately, by my brother.

She has 2 speeds…..full throttle and sound asleep.

And, may I say, she sleeps wherever she chooses!  Even if it means running the big dogs out of the doggie bed!She has grown from around 3 pounds in May to 10 pounds currently.  I am hoping she doesn’t get much bigger.  She is very long legged and very long.  She has a Basset nose and Chihuahua eyes.  Her personality is a mix.  She knows her mind and takes whatever she wants from the other dogs.  She chews on the dogs, chases the dogs and, in general, aggravates them.  But they are very tolerant.  She sleeps with Kilo, and follows Latte (Lottie) where ever she may go.  No place is sacred any more…..And she thinks she pin Kilo down and take him, too!



You will hear many tales about the critters at my home.  Gizmo and the clan are entertaining, to say the least.  But she is a sweet little girl who brings love and puppy kisses into are lives!!



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