I love Christmas,,,,,

We love Christmas at our house!  Wes says Santa is his hero and we must have a hundred or so to put out every year.  Some stay out year round.  The same goes with my angels.  And that says nothing of my nutcracker collection.  Fortunately we have a large house and plenty of room.  It takes us a few days to decorate, and next year we want to progress from a 9 foot tree to a 12 or maybe 15 foot tree.  Each ornament comes with a memory of Christmas past and tears are shed in memory of loved ones who have past and dear friends who aren’t close by anymore…….and then we move on.

For us, the next step is Thanksgiving, filled with family, fun and food.  Then the build up to Christmas.  Christmas was different for me this year.  The warmth of the tree was added to with a Christmas visit from my brother and family.

Lots of family love.  And we had no heat!  That was interesting.  The weather was mild and we heated the whole house with 3 space heaters and baked a lot of food, so we were plenty warm.

Chuck made his last visit and evidently needed help landing, so he glided in on Frostie’s shoulders.  Either that or he wanted to go for a ride.  It’s a lot of work keeping up with Seth over the holiday season……whew!!

Then it was Christmas morning in all of its glory.  Seth is pretty methodical when unwrapping gifts.  He has always been that way.  And Sherri had to model her new sunnies….

Even Lottie got in on the action and brought Seth her toys.  She wanted to play, too.

Another thing that made this year different was that I took vacation the week after Christmas.  It was peaceful and restful….at least after the heat was fixed…which took a new furnace on Tuesday and a return trip for repairs to the installation on Wednesday.

Saturday after New Year’s we took all the decorations down.  It took a day to take it all down and put it away versus the few days it took to decorate.  But that’s okay.

The wall looks so bare, as does the rest of the house.  But, it’s time for new beginnings, new year and so on.  There is cleaning to be done just to say the least.

The floors have been swept and mopped.  We will be cleaning up those artificial pine needles for a couple of weeks.  And everything needs dusted!  So starts the new year.  I pray yours is full of good health and prosperity.  And tons and tons of happiness!!!  That is my word for the new year.  There is ALWAYS something to look forward to…….my something is retirement!  How about you?



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