Get your year off to a positive start!!

What a blessing it is just to be alive and to have another year to celebrate.  Our celebration was very quiet.  We were at home with our family, TV, and sparkling grape juice.  Only my twelve year old grandson was really awake all evening.  I dosed on and off, but was awake to watch the ball drop!

We had our pork and sauerkraut New Year’s Day.  But before the meal, we shared our thankfulness for the blessings of 2016 and all the blessings we are looking forward to in 2017.  Peace and prosperity are so important to all of us, but my word for the year is “Happiness”.  Without happiness, we will not experience peace or prosperity.  Find your inner happiness and let your year unfold.  Make your mind up to be happy every day regardless of your circumstances.  Think of a happy thought and put a smile on your face for one full minute and you will see a difference almost immediately!

“Happiness” in the new year… wish for you!

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