I love the holidays!!

The holidays are a

special time of year.  There is always so much going on…..  Baking, shopping, wrapping, secrets, carols, and the wonderful spirit in our hearts!  It brings wonderful memories of Christmas past and hopes of Christmas future.  At our home, we try to celebrate Christmas in our hearts all year long.  We start the actual decorating before Thanksgiving.  And over Thanksgiving, we make tons of candy to give to all our friends.  It is a small gesture but it brings back wonderful memories of Dad making fudge.  We all would gather around waiting for it to finish cooking, and then finally the first bite!

Of course, over the years, we have expanded on that one batch of fudge.  This year it was peanut brittle, two kinds of fudge, buckeyes, peanut butter cups, mint patties….well, you get the message.

Enjoy your Christmas goodies.  We still have more to make.  Christmas eve means fresh cookies for Santa!!

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